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Year 6 VLE

Welcome to the Year 6 Virtual Learning Environment

The Iveson Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a Web-based platform designed to support Year 6 pupils and their parents to access additional curriculum content. This online platform allows the Year 6 team to share learning materials with pupils and provides opportunities for independent learning. This VLE is a teaching tool that has been created to enhance the learning experience for all Year 6 pupils at Iveson Primary and is designed to work across all internet enabled devices.

How does it work?

All resources are numbered, this is to enable your class teacher to direct you to relevant material. As new resources are added, they will appear down the page. Resources will be added from a variety of sources and can be accessed at any time.

Need to know more?

Do you have a question? Would you like to know more information about a tricky piece of learning? We can post an explanation within 24hrs to this page. All you have to do is use this link or click on the hand to submit your query.

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What is the Yr6 VLE?

Resource 0001

Launching soon…

Resource 0002

Multiplication Part 1

Resource 0003

Multiplication Part 2

Resource 0004

Dashes, semi-colons & colons

Resource 0005

Roman Numerals

Resource 0006

Ordering fractions

Resource 0007

Multiplication Missing Number

Resource 0008

Maths Reasoning

Resource 0009

Algebra Examples

Resource 0010

We are adding more resources all the time. New resources will always appear at the bottom of this page. You can request new resources by clicking on the link above and completing the online form.

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