Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club is open Monday – Friday term time

 7.30am – 8.50am – £5.00 per morning

8am – 8.50am – £2.50 per morning

Children are provided breakfast, drink and fruit to ensure a calm and healthy start to their school day. For more information please contact the school office.  This must be booked half termly and paid in advance weekly. 1 week notice required for cancellations, failure to notify will roll into the next half term.

All bookings must be made via the school office.


Full details here: National Breakfast Club Programme

Magic Breakfast Ingredients and Allergen Information August 2021-2

New York Bagel Allergies Labels


Following a recent research project involving around 8,600 pupils, The Education Endowment Foundation concluded:


  1. Year 2 children in breakfast club schools experienced around two months’ additional progress compared to Year 2 children in the other schools in the trial. These positive results would be unlikely to occur by chance.
  2. For Year 6 children in breakfast club schools, results for the main outcomes, reading and maths, were positive but could have occurred by chance. However, on other measures of writing and English they experienced around two months’ progress compared to the other Year 6 children. These positive results would be unlikely to occur by chance.
  3. The findings suggest that it is not just eating breakfast that delivers improvements, but attending a breakfast club. This could be due to the content of the breakfast itself, or to other social or educational benefits of the club.
  4. Pupil behaviour, as measured by a teacher survey, improved in breakfast club schools. This is interesting because it shows that breakfast clubs may improve outcomes for children who do not even attend breakfast club, by improving classroom environments.

Full details: