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Below you will find links to our individual class activities pages. Here you’ll find out what each class is doing and learning. Please check your child’s class page regularly for any updates.

Our class activities pages are hosted via Blogger. These pages contain regular updates, stories from the classroom and information on how to support your child’s learning at home.


Where our love of learning begins.

Here at Iveson we firmly believe the start of the school journey should be a happy one. One that sets the foundations for future success and fosters a love of learning.

Ladybird Nursery forms part of our Early Years Unit and for many of our children this is where their Iveson journey begins.

In Ladybirds the children benefit from all our Nursery has to offer, from the classroom set up to engage the children and support their developing independence, to the outside area where they can explore and develop their curiosity. Throughout their time in Ladybirds the children engage in a range of exciting experiences carefully planned and considered to foster a love of learning, resulting in happy confident children who are ready to move into EYFS2.


For news and stories from our class activity page please click here.

Reception (Robins)

Where our love of learning begins.

Here at Iveson we firmly believe the start of the school journey should be a happy one. One that sets the foundations for future success and fosters a love of learning.

Our early years unit is a spacious area both inside and out enabling us to provide high quality learning opportunities for all our children, within a safe well-equipped environment.

Our key focus on providing a language rich environment, well-resourced provision and quality teaching focussed on developing the individual, means we see our children develop confidence, resilience and independence.

In Robins they will begin a journey that enables children to engage in learning in a variety of ways including through educational visits and visitors, exploration and quality first provision.

For news and stories from our class activity page please click here.

Year 1 (Finches & Owls)

Key Stage 1

Situated next to the Early Years Unit our spacious Year One classrooms provide children with all they need to transition to a formal approach to education. Our classrooms are large enough to accommodate provision enabling a structured transition from early years to Year One. These classrooms are well-resourced and set up to encourage independence and allow the children access to equipment that will support their learning.

Encouraging our children to read well and quickly through phonics and access to high quality books is a key focus in this year group. Year on year our children excel in phonics consistently attaining above national standards.

Year 2 (Kingfishers & Sparrows)

Key Stage 1

Year Two marks the end of the children’s Key Stage One journey. As children move into this year group they begin to increasingly apply the skills they have developed in earlier years; the children complete a number of projects throughout the year but the Great Fire of London remains a firm favourite with the children developing their History skills and applying what they have learnt to write their own diaries inspired by Samuel Pepys.

Children also complete their Key Stage One Sat’s in Year 2 and whilst this is no longer a statutory requirement we believe it is helpful to further inform teacher assessment and make sure we can offer children any support, tuition or interventions they might need.

Year 3 (Wrens & Jays)

Key Stage 2 (Lower)

As the children transition into Year Three they move to classrooms in the middle of the school close to the KS2 Library. These once formed one of the school halls and are therefore spacious and bright allowing room for generous reading corners. In a year which marks a move into Key Stage Two the hands- on approach to learning continues with children learning how to make bows and arrows as part of their study on the Stone Age and the importance of making tools. They also continue to learn outside the classroom with a visit to West Leeds Activity Centre where they have the opportunity to experience a range of Outdoor Pursuits.

Year 4 (Swifts & Ravens)

Key Stage 2 (Lower)

As the children move into Year Four they continue to grow in independence, we often see children achieve their Iveson pen licence in this year as a reward for a high standard of presentation across all their curriculum books. It is also the year children are taught to swim at Holt Park and the year of the Multiplication Test Check, the classes make excellent use of TT Rock Stars to support them with this and it can get quite competitive at times!

Year 5 (Doves & Hawks)

Key Stage 2 (Upper)

As the children move into their final years at Iveson they continue to enjoy an exciting curriculum with the study of space being a longstanding favourite in Year 5. The children make models to represent the planets and year on year we are impressed with the level of innovation and detail, as they foster their interest in and love of science.  The children also report enjoying longer more complex novels and the opportunity to work independently in the Key Stage Two library

Year 6 (Kestrels & Eagles)

Key Stage 2 (Upper)

As the children approach the end of their journey at Iveson there is a lot to look forward to as we prepare them for the next stage in their education. This is the year the children go on their residential and spend a week away from home pursuing a range of exciting Outdoor Adventure activities. This provides a great opportunity for the children to showcase their abilities as leaders, team players and challenge themselves in new situations. The year also includes the KS2 SATs where they showcase all they have learnt during their time at Iveson, we are very proud of the progress the children make which is consistently above national in maths and writing (2023) and in line with national for reading.

The Aviary - Resource Provision

In the Aviary we provide an inclusive and nurturing environment that recognises and meets the diverse needs of all learners.

The aim is to enable each child to fulfil their potential, make progress in their academic and personal development, and become confident and independent learners. The Aviary follows a thematic curriculum which looks to develop new skills through a variety of interesting contexts. 

Admissions to The Aviary at Iveson Primary School are managed by the Local Authority. We can only accept pupils upon being the named school on the child’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept placements directly on request from parents/carers. 

Parents should contact the Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) at the pupil’s current school, or their Casework Officer at SENSAP, to discuss your next steps. You can contact SENSAP directly on 0113 3785256. 

We are happy to welcome any parents/carers and professionals to the Aviary to share with you our vision for our pupils, as well as for you to view our facilities and ask any questions you may have. 


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