Our intent

It is our aim that children at Iveson Primary leave our school as writers who are able to communicate their thoughts and ideas creatively and with confidence.

Our curriculum engages children in a language-rich approach with high-quality texts at its centre. Children are exposed to a range of diverse genres and authors, reflecting the diversity and cultures within our school and beyond. These texts further immerse the children in our cross-curricular topics and provide a spring board for children to write for a wide range of purposes and audiences. Children explore the rich vocabulary, grammar and punctuation within our class texts and discuss the impact of the choices made by different authors. These discussions then inform our own writing, with children aiming to explore these techniques independently, making precise choices in order to affect the reader.

It is important that our children see themselves as writers and so we make it our mission to cultivate a community of writers in our classrooms, our school and within the wider school community itself. Both children and teachers alike will write and share their writing, seeking verbal feedback from their peers, and working collaboratively to solve problems and improve their skills as a writer. Children are explicitly taught about the writing process and the editing and revision of our writing. In addition, visits from authors and journalists continually reinforce these messages and give ‘real-world’ context to our students’ learning.

At the beginning stages of the writing process, children will be exposed to a range of stimuli which they explore as a class through shared reading and discussion. Children may engage in drama activities and independent research to inspire and inform the content of their writing. Children will look at a range of ‘Mentor Texts’ throughout a unit of writing; drawing comparisons and making links in order to create success criteria for their own pieces.

During the writing process, our children engage in peer assessment as a way to improve their writing and foster independence and confidence. Using success criteria, our children are able to talk about the choices they have made as a writer; the effect they wish to have on the reader; and can work collaboratively to edit and revise their piece. Throughout this process, children build their oracy skills and learn to disagree politely and defend their points, giving reasoned justifications for their decisions. These lifelong skills feed into all areas of their learning, ensuring children can write confidently across the curriculum.

Our online Iveson Portfolio of Writing provides children and teachers with a wide range of writing across many genres written by children and teachers in our school. It also provides a place for children to publish their writing projects and receive feedback from other members of our school community, whilst modelling standards to aspire towards.