Our intent

At Iveson Primary School children are aware of the importance of Mathematics in everyday life because, as well as teaching the National Curriculum objectives for each year group, we embed maths within engaging cross-curricular projects.

We want our children to enjoy learning maths, which comes through a growing belief in their own ability to achieve successfully within the challenges they undertake.  In maths, we believe this is achieved when children are confidently fluent in their understanding of number and in their calculation skills.   With this confidence, they can apply what they know to reason and explain their thinking and to solve problems, developing mastery and accessing higher levels of understanding.

We want our children to view maths as absorbing, creative and valuable – with a passion to explore the world of number.  Through problem solving and investigation, we want them to develop the resilience, perseverance and independence.

Using our carefully sequenced delivery of the maths curriculum, we want our children to be ready to progress to the next stage of their learning, believing in their own ability to be successful mathematicians.

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At Iveson we know and understand the importance of providing our children with the foundations to becoming a successful and confident reader. We begin the teaching of these skills in our daily phonic lessons which we start in Nursery and continue to Year 2 and for some children in years 3 and 4.

At school we use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonic programme and this is enhanced with the ‘Jolly Phonics’ programme in the Early Years.

The teaching of phonics is developed through each phase of the programme and taught using the revisit – teach –  practise – apply Mrs Collinson is our Literacy Leader in school, if you wish to find out more information please contact school.

The following is a website that contains resources to support your child at home:

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We develop reading using the Floppys’ Phonics Reading Scheme,  Biff , Chip and Kipper Stories and the In-Fact non-fiction books all by Oxford Reading Tree. These books are taken home by the children and changed when read. The Oxford Reading Tree Scheme books are staged at different levels and provide children with the opportunity to apply their phonic knowledge and increase their high frequency word recognition.

Other books/schemes are also used to supplement the range and depth of our children’s reading experiences. We deliver daily whole class guided reading sessions using a variety of texts and develop the skills of retrieval and inference.