Our Mission

To deliver our goal of raising the aspiration of every child we focus on 4 areas. We call them our Learning Foundations and they drive everything we do. They are:

  1. A rich and engaging curriculum

  2. Excellent teaching standards

  3. Giving our children a voice

  4. Collaborating with others

A rich and engaging curriculum

We strongly believe that children learn best when they enjoy what they’re doing and their subjects are rich and varied.

We work hard to make their learning challenging but interesting and fun therefore and regularly expose them to people and things they’ve never seen or experienced before. For example, whole school theme days, theatre visits, outdoor and adventure days and residentials as well as arrange of inspiring and influential visitors.

Excellent teaching standards

Our teaching staff, under the leadership of our Head Teacher Hayley Marshall, are devoted to the development of each child in our care.

Good teaching on a daily basis, with well structured lessons and high expectations with regards attendance all combine to give our children the skills they need for their future lives.

Through effective questioning by our teachers and the wider education support team our pupils broaden and deepen their thinking, and increase their desire to learn and enquire more deeply. Showing them how to review, evaluate and edit their own work is a key part of this.

Giving our children a voice

It takes confidence for a child to find their voice and speak. While some will speak at any given opportunity, (as their parents or guardians will no doubt confirm) others need more support and encouragement.

Our School and International School Councils along with our interactive assemblies and ‘Iveson’s Got Talent’ show are designed to help our children develop build communication and confidence skills in a fun way and at a pace that’s comfortable for them. We also have:-

  • Inclusion areas for small group work and meetings
  • Library
  • Parents’ room
  • Disabled toilets

Collaborating with others

Whilst we all enjoy the close knit and inclusive feel we have at Iveson, we don’t want our children to learn in a bubble. Our collaboration with other schools in our Trust, guest speakers, local businesses, parents and
even older siblings combine to broaden a child’s horizon and expose them to ideas and things they might not otherwise see. It’s an important part of their learning. For example, we have signed up to a city wide scheme called ‘Active Schools’ to ensure our PE and sport are superb.

“The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development extremely well. Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain through assemblies and work in many subjects.”

Ofsted Report May 2019