Learning Support

“These high expectations are underpinned by excellent relationships between staff and pupils.  ”

Ofsted Report May 2019


Meet our learning support team

Mrs Qureshi
Mrs QureshiTeaching Assistant
Hi I am Mrs Hina Qureshi. I have been working at Iveson since 2015. My role is to provide support to pupils and enable them to fully access the curriculum. It gives me immense pleasure to see children making progress and achieving their goals.
Ms Simms
Ms SimmsTeaching Assistant
Mrs Kaur
Mrs KaurTeaching Assistant
Hi, My name is Mrs Kaur. I started working in Iveson Primary School in December 2017. My role is to support pupils in their learning and development. I am currently providing support in Year 4. I love to see children progress and know I have been a part of that.
Mrs Scott
Mrs ScottFamily Support Worker
I am the Family Support Worker and Learning Mentor at Iveson. My role in school is to provide support, advice and information to the families within our school community. I can help you with any worries that you may have in relation to your child’s education, behaviour and well being. I am also here as someone to talk to if you need it. I may not have all the answers but hopefully I can help you to work out how to find them.
Mrs Franek
Mrs FranekTeaching Assistant
Mrs Armitage
Mrs ArmitageHLTA and EAL
I started at Iveson Primary as a Teaching Assistant in 1995 and became a High Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) in 2012. My role within school is teach across school and to help and support children with English as an additional language. This role has been my passion and I enjoy supporting and helping children to engage and grow in confidence into happy, enthusiastic learners.
Mrs Sati
Mrs SatiTeaching Assistant
I am a Level 3 qualified Teaching Assistant. I started at Iveson Primary school in September 2018. My role is to support pupils in their learning and development. Currently, I am working with KS1. I like working with children and young people as it gives me great satisfaction to see them learn, achieve and grow in confidence.
Mrs Lister
Mrs ListerTeaching Assistant
I have worked as a Teaching Assistant at Iveson since 1994 doing various roles across both Key Stages. I am currently providing support in Year 1. It is very rewarding seeing the progress the children at Iveson make each year.
Mrs Nahal
Mrs NahalTeaching Assistant
I have worked at Iveson for a few years supporting SEN children. I am currently providing 1:1 support in Year 2 and 5. I love working with and supporting children, helping them to achieve their goals.
Mr Rasul
Mr RasulHLTA
Hi, I am Mr Rasul. I am a HLTA. I teach football and cover many lessons throughout school. My passion is P.E. and is an area I specialise in. I enjoy working with the children across school. I love working at Iveson Primary School – every child matters as they each enrich my working life.
Mrs Kirkham
Mrs KirkhamTeaching Assistant
Mrs Dyson
Mrs DysonTeaching Assistant
Mrs Dyson works in Early Years as a Teaching Assistant. She has worked at Iveson Primary School since 2002. She enjoy’s and feels proud to be able to support children with their learning and the achievements they make when overcoming new challenges.
Miss Geldard
Miss GeldardSpeech & Language Specialist
I deliver the Early Talk Boost programme across EYFS and Key Stage 1. I also manage small group interventions focusing on both narrative and phonological elements of speech and language. Where a child requires additional speech and language provision, I coordinate the delivery of programmes prescribed by the NHS Speech Therapy Service.
Mrs Tarrant
Mrs TarrantTeaching Assistant
Hi, my name is Mrs Tarrant and I work in KS2. I work with different groups of children, helping them to become more independent learners. It is very rewarding seeing the children progress and reach their goals.
Mrs Myers
Mrs MyersTeaching Assistant
I have been at Iveson since 1994 and have supported many children with varying degrees of difficulty. My main role at the moment is supporting the children in Yr5. I also support children across KS2 with reading and maths.
Mr Wilson
Mr WilsonAttendance Officer & HLTA
I am the School Attendance Officer here at Iveson. My job is to ensure children attend school regularly and to address any attendance issues with parents promptly. This includes meetings with parents, home visits and referrals to the local authority for persistent absences. I am also here to support families if they are finding it difficult to get their children here and on time. Parents can contact me via the school office if they need to discuss any concerns with me. Each afternoon I teach in the Early Years and am committed to helping all children progress from their individual starting points.
Mr Plant
Mr PlantTeaching Assistant
I have been a Teaching Assistant at Iveson Primary since 2016, at the moment I work mainly with Year 6 but in the afternoons I provide learning support to some of the children in years two and three. I love helping the children achieve their full potential in everything they do here at Iveson.
Mrs Rhodes
Mrs RhodesHLTA & Nurture Provision
I am a HLTA and teach all classes throughout the school. I really enjoy the diversity of this role and love that it gives me the opportunity to form relationships with all the children in school. I also provide pastoral care in school. I am very passionate about this and love seeing how this time with children can enable them to reach their full potential. Read more about our Nurture Provision by following the links within the class pages.
Mrs Coward
Mrs CowardTeaching Assistant
Hi, My name is Mrs Coward. My role in EYFS is to provide curriculum support across both Reception classes. I have worked at Iveson Primary for 11 years now. I am a dedicated member of staff and enjoy teaching the children and watching them learn.
Mrs Atherton
Mrs AthertonNursery Officer
Miss WatsonNursery Officer
Mr Ramzan
Mr RamzanTeaching Assistant
Miss Roberts
Miss RobertsTeaching Assistant
Miss Archer
Miss ArcherTeaching Assistant
Mrs Green
Mrs GreenTeaching Assistant